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“It was only when the news spread on Monday that the Christmas bumper first prize is for a ticket sold in Koothuparamba that I remembered about the one I had bought. I was too nervous to check the number.”COVID-hit WNDA says they will use the money to pr…

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. TheyEvery so often, a story of a new lottery scam emerges. While most are clearly fake, some are a little clever. Recent reports from Glasgow suggest that many elderly people in the city have received documents pertaining to a Health Lottery scam. The l

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You can make money in state lottery games. Millions of allocated lottery tickets can change their lifespan. Relatively speaking, a small flower pot may cause tension with friends and devaluation of thousands of dollars, but the discount offered is very lo

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Mavis instantly quit her job when she found out about her new fortune, saying “I’ve called them and told them I won’t be coming back.” Before she decides what to spend the winnings on, she plans to relax at home and jokingly admitted “I’m going to hi…

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Almost no one inspires the firepower of imagination like thousands of people imagine. For most people, the new sofaner will soon be eager to share success and wealth. We believe that we are confident enough to leave this predictable amount of money to a p

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According to Livingstone, the banning of spot betting would greatly reduce corruption in sport, as he said “Ban spot-betting, there is enormous potential for corruption. It’s a small step from there to starting to throw games.” Live sports betting is th…

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Get a quick small program that will allow you to get odd/even/bottomless/bottomless ranges and the percentage of distribution of decimals. You can find it here: LotDistRegardsPatrick ""Even/odd distribution 6/49 lottery, your quite large Patrick

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What happens when you wake up one day when you become a millionaire? This is what happened to PR Ratheesh Kumar in the Kottayam district of Kerala, who won the Dubai Duty Free (DDF) raffle of up to US$1 million (close to Rs 7 crore) on Tuesday.Wisconsin L